Praise For Baby Barbells

“Within these pages, Dr. Levitt coaches you to "raise children" like never before. With its quick wit and real-world parenting wisdom, Baby Barbells is a veritable roadmap for a generation of cool dads.”
—Rick Bernstein, Executive Producer HBO Sports and Father of three

“In the person of Josh Levitt- naturopathic doctor, health conscious guy, loving dad- the choice for a father between nurturing interactions with their new baby and attention to their own fitness has simply gone away. Josh shows us how to have both- cultivating the health of father, baby, and the relationship between the two all at once. This is a simple, brilliant insight. If ever there was a way to have our cake and eat it, too- Josh has served it up in 'Baby Barbells.' And into the bargain, this cake is health food!”
—David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP and Father of five
Director, Prevention Research Center; Yale University School of Medicine Medical Advisor, Men's Health Magazine Nutrition Columnist, Oprah Magazine

“Baby Barbells is as hip and fun as it is an insightful and important book for new dads and their little ones….It's a win-win book for the whole family that gives everyone the most precious gift--more healthy time together.”
—Aviva Romm, MD, CPM and Mother of four
Author of numerous books including Naturally Healthy Babies and Children

“Baby Barbells is a new dad's handbook for enjoying more great time with your baby and child. It's got fitness, fathering and it's also just a lot of fun.”
—Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP, and Father of one
Nationally recognized pediatrician, nutritionist, lecturer, teacher, columnist, and author of numerous books.

“Dr. Levitt has accomplished what previously seemed impossible: he has found a way for fathers to get fit and stay happy, while connecting wholeheartedly with their children. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this book. Not only will it change the way you view fathers; it will you change you as a father.”
— Michael Willers, MD Pediatric Cardiologist and Father of two

”A must read for any new father. It will help you stay fit in the face of fatherhood, make you laugh, and fill your soul with encouragement and inspiration.”
—Abram Levin MD and Father of two UC Davis Emergency Medicine

"Baby Barbells is an entertaining, educational, and vividly illustrated guide that encourages fathers to spend quality time with their children."
—Jaideep Talwalkar, MD and Father of three
Yale School of Medicine Pediatrics/Internal Medicine