About Baby Barbells

Baby Barbells is a chunky, funky board book that is unlike any other on your shelf because it won’t be on your shelf at all. This book will kick around the living room, get drooled on, and be propped open when daddy has a few minutes of playtime.

It’s spontaneous, flexible, and fun…and with its hip, retro-cool, full color illustrations and stylish design, it is the quintessential handbook for a generation of cool dads.

"Raising" children comes naturally to fathers, and this book provides new dads with a spontaneous, healthy, and fun way to engage with their babies and young children. Baby Barbells offers up witty and poignant parenting wisdom and combines fitness and fathering into the most fun parenting book you’ll ever own.

About Joshua Levitt

Joshua Levitt, ND is a naturopathic physician, an involved father of three, and a certified human jungle gym. He lives near New Haven, CT where he owns and runs a natural family medicine practice and teaches at the Yale School of Medicine.

About Matt Stevens

Matt Stevens is a freelance illustrator and elementary school art teacher. He lives with his wife, daughter, and two pugs in Hamden, Connecticut. More at mattstevensart.com.